Super Sleuth Photo Competition

This competition has now finished, head over to the blog to see the results >

How to take part

This year our undercover agent (AKA @DorchDude on twitter) has taken photos around the town and we need you to identify the shops/businesses where they were taken.

When you have spotted one, go into the shop (please wait if they have a customer!) and politely ask if you can have a sticker of the photo.

Each photo clue is numbered so stick it in the top part of the correct numbered space in your Sticker Album. Underneath write the name of that business/shop.

Just a tip - If your accompanying adults come into the shop with you, the shop staff may give you an extra clue for another location!

Four of the pictures


Those agents who complete their mission successfully will go into a prize draw.

There will be two lots of 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes (one for 10yrs & under and one for 11-16yrs). The prizes (£70, £40 & £20) will be vouchers to spend in Dorch shops but last year the shops topped up the prize fund too so it could be more!

Winners from 2016
2016 winners


First: click here to download the photosheet

The pages will open in a separate browser window. Hover the cursor over the right side of the page and when the row of symbols appear, simply click on the printer symbol to the right. If you don't have a printer Tourist Information centre in the library in Charles Street have some copies available.

Second: get your free Sticker Album

You can collect your free sticker album from the Tourist Information Centre in the library in Charles Street (or Goldcrest Jewellers in Hardye Arcade)

Return your completed or part completed Sticker Album to

2nd floor,
49 High West Street (above Temple Hill letting agents)

no later than Tuesday the 12th of September.

Make sure you write your name and address and all the other details on the form - otherwise you won't be able to let you know if you win!

Even if not complete, still return as everyone gets a small prize for entering!

How good a detective are you?
How good a detective are you?

Helpful hints

Some of the photos may be taken from inside a shop but the image should be quite visible either in a window or inside.

If you get really stuck on a photo location our agent @DorchDude is on twitter, so if you know someone on twitter you can ask him for cryptic clues for locations. You can also go to our Facebook page (Dorchester, Thomas Hardy Country) and get daily help there too.

Last year some people used social media to help each other with clues too which was great fun and you can even make up your own cryptic clues to share if you like!

Well spotted!
Well spotted!

The Dorchester BID would like to thank Dorchester Town Council and our excellent Tourist Information Centre in the library, Charles Street for the help they have given in developing and producing materials for this competition.