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Parasite Ceramics have turned back the clocks and placed them all around the town centre for you to seek out during a visit to the town. There are six trails to look out for - see the Walking Trail Maps page

Trail maps available inside the Tourist Information Centre.

Each trail contains a word taken from the book "A Glossary of the Dorset Dialect" written by William Barnes and each plate on the trail includes visual references to the town's history and personal memories of places in the town collected from Dorchester residents.


With the help of Dorchester BID and the William Barnes Society, Parasite Ceramics have produced a unique set of playing cards celebrating the Dorset Dialect Trails project. You can win one of these packs!

The first 25 people to successfully complete all 6 trails and collect all the word definition tags will receive a limited edition pack of the Dorset Dialect Trails playing cards for FREE!

For those who are not able to complete all the trails but would still like one of these packs, they are available to purchase from the Tourist Information Centre for £7.99. Even after the 25 free packs have been won, anyone who collects all the word definition tags from the clocks can purchase the pack of cards for a special reduced price of £4.99 .


Collect the complete set of 43 word definition tags, post them to DBID Trails, Dorchester BID, 49 High West Street, Dorchester, DT1 1UT . Include your full contact details and a cheque for £4.99 made out to Dorchester BID. If you are one fo the first 25 (the list will be posted), you will get a pack of limited edition cards and your cheque returned!. If not you will be sent your pack at the reduced price.


  1. Go to the App store and search for Artcodes.
  2. Download the Artcodes App for free on to your smartphone.
  3. On your next visit to Dorchester, locate a clock, open the app on your smartphone and scan the images on the surface at close quarters. There is a recurring element on each clock that is recognised by the app and it will flash green around the correct image to confirm it has been recognised.
  4. The app will take you directly to the glossary page of the website. Here you can find the meanings to the words on each clock.
  5. Once you have activated the project glossary onto your smartphone you can navigate your location, view the remaining clocks on the trail, and access the maps of other trails near you.

For more information about how it works please visit the How It Works page.

For more information about Parasite Ceramics, please visit