The DBID Area

Roads included


Acland Road

Albert Road

Allington Road

Antelope Walk

Brewery Square

Charles Street

Church Street

Colliton Street & Colliton Walk

Cornwall Road

Culliford Road (to bridge)

Durngate Street

Fairfield Road

Friary Lane

Glyde Path Road

Hardye Arcade

High East Street

High West Street

Icen Way

Linden Avenue

Maumbury Road (as far as Fairfield Road)

Nappers Mite

New Street

North Square




The BID Area


The DBID area corresponds approximately to the town centre. Businesses that are in the roads listed and inside the red band on the BID area map are in the BID area.

The BID area


Roads continued

Prince of Wales Road (To Culliford Road junction)

Princes Street

South Street

South Walks

The Grove

The Mews

Trinity Street

Tudor Arcade

Weymouth Avenue

Wollaston Road

York Road

Inside the Area

At the start of the current BID period (2013) there were 421 hereditaments (levy paying businesses) within the BID area.

Within the area there are also:

  • 7 museums
  • 2 cinemas
  • The Corn Exchange
  • Several town centre carparks
  • Approx. 15,000 people working
  • All 3 local authorities
  • Planned further developments in the Charles Street area
  • Planned further developments in the Brewery Square area