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21/21a South Street
01305 230731
Weekday opening 9.00 - 17.00
Closed on see below
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Private Audiology Consultant and Hearing Aid Dispensers

We provide a private high quality diagnostic and rehabilitative service for those with hearing loss.

Here at Amplifon we offer a arrange of hearing aids and prices to suit your hearing needs, your lifestyle and your budget. Our prices range from £695.00 for a pair of hearing aids, up to £3800.00 for top of the range technology. Styles can be varied and don't always link to price. Different aids suit different people.

We aim to offer a bespoke service with an emphasis on clinical excellence, technical expertise, honesty, warmth and openness. We value our customers and aim to provide ongoing support in using hearing aids.

We can also look at mobile and home phones that link directly with hearing aids, and various accessories that can enhance hearing above what hearing aids can do. We can also supply custom made ear plugs and noise protection.

We have the latest in rechargeable technology - meaning no more 'fiddly' battery changes. This is available at a range of prices.

Please let Amplifon know that you found them via the dorchesterdorset website when you visit or call. Giving this feedback will be very helpful to our future development.

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