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Cygnus Instruments Ltd


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Cygnus Instruments Ltd

30 Prince of Wales Road
01305 265533
Weekday opening 9.00 - 17.00
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Manufacture ultrasonic digital thickness gauges + industrial leak detectors

Cygnus Instruments manufacture ultrasonic digital thickness gauges. Cygnus gauges use the multiple echo technique to ensure accurate, error-checked measurement of metals without the need to remove protective coatings.

The Cygnus range includes: Heavy Duty; Intrinsically Safe; Underwater; Datalogger; Cygnus 2 Hands Free; Cygnus 4 General Purpose and ROV mountable.

Cygnus also has a range of Industrial Leak Detectors. Employing ultrasonic technology, the CygScope R and CygScope RD can identify leaks and locate even the smallest leakage through detecting ultrasound produced by escaping air or gas. The Cygnus Hatch Sure is a lightweight ultrasonic system for tesing the weather tightness of cargo hatch covers.

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